Paper Towns

Today I successfully finished reading Paper Towns by John Green.How was it? Well it was pretty god damn good. Quentin and his friends looking after the incredible mysterious Margo. Got to give John Green incredible amount of credit for this wild and imaginative book. While reading this book i also felt a felling of rush and excitement. I personally felt like I was in the book itself. Putting the clues together, wondering where she went, and why she left.

First things first lest start with the whole book. At first it may seem like an ordinary clichĂ© book. However, once you start to read it you can feel the change of mood in the story. The story has a mood of innocence at the beginning but a few chapters even paragraphs later you feel that the innocence fades and something more fun yet mature comes in. But wait, that’s not the only change of mood this story gives, there is plenty more to come. Trough out the book there is so many mood changes and some you don’t even expect. Well, my point is that the whole story is very interesting.

Secondly, lets not forget how this book makes you feel. Yes the mood is kind of the same thing but not quite the same thing. This book makes you feel some type of way, I like to think every person feels a different thing based on how their life is. For example, I felt very connected and invited to this book; I basically felt like I belonged there because of an event that happened to me. I’m not going to get into detail with that but let me tell you after reading that I felt amazed and a little more outgoing than usual. I felt that same rush of adrenaline running trough my whole body. What I am trying to say is that if you’re looking for a book to give you some kind of hope or excitement you might want to check this one out.

Lastly, this book is worth it. I felt very connected and very pleased with this book as I did with the others. How I like to say; Money well spent. If by any chance you don’t know who John Green is then I recommend you to go and buy ‘Looking for Alaska’ another one of his great books. Or, you can look him up on YouTube or anything. I have to warn you though, he is extremely weird but funny at the same time. I can’t believe that someone like John Green is the author of very powerful and meaningful books. He should be proud of that.


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