Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s day to all mothers out there! Today is the day we celebrate our amazing and beautiful mothers. Lets not forget how strong they actually are like c’mon man all the labor pains! I know I wouldn’t be able to see with that so I’m very proud of my mum to go through all that! However, there are many MANY more reasons why mothers are amazing, wonderful, and strong people. 

  1. She pushed you out of her; Imagine all the morning sickness you gave her trough all those 9 months and those nights when she couldn’t sleep. Now she has to push you out of her and use all her strength to get you out, more nights without sleep
  2. She puts up with all your shit; Since you where little you have been causing trouble but imagine the teenage you! All the drama and problems! Like they say ‘save the drama for your mama’  
  3. She’s generally right about things; Wether it’s about the girl or guy that you liked that eventually broke your heart or about simple things like following the directions and paying attention to class.
  4. She’s an accidentally hilarious messenger; It can be about grocery shopping or something a little more R-rated but either ways it turns into something you two can laugh about later.
  5. She’ll always be there for you; You can always go back to mum for a shoulder to cry on or someone you just need for support. That’s something she will also always do, support you.
  6. Her patience with you; Ah! Mums and patience are a good mix. I mean c’mon got to give them credit for that. They could have easily have whacked you in the head for being a stupid shit but they didn’t . Thank you mum.
  7. She probably did everything for you; Wether it was your school project or working extra hours. Whatever your mum did she thought of you first! She always put you first and she always will.
  8. Her unconditional love; No matter what you say or what you your mum will always love you. You got to be thankful for that like she pushed you out of her and then dealt with your shit and she still loves you! Salute your mothers!
  9. She supported you for 18 years; Oh boy poor mums! You’ve put you’ve put your mum though some real stuff but no matter what you will always need mum! Lets not forget that this isn’t over yet.
  10. She’s really fun to talk to; after all this time you’ve realized that your mum is actually quite fun and greet darn amazing. You’ll want to talk to her all the time and most likely you will.

If you still are not convinced then there is something wrong with you. Like dude, Your mum suffered pain in that bottom area of the body! Then she put up with your god damn drama and shit. So ladies and gentlemen please do yourself a favor and go hug, kiss, and tell your mum how much you love her and also salute her cause she is a strong women. Salute to you mothers! happy mother’s day and I hope you know that you are loved in this world!♥

P.S. This is dedicated to my amazing and wonderful mother! I love you mum! You have made me that person I am today! I couldn’t be more proud to call you my mother!♥


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